The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics operates a trade union organization of students of the faculty. In its activities, the organization provides socio-economic assistance to students of the faculty and the protection of their interests, namely:

  • Assistance and support for low income students, orphaned students, Chernobyl and disabled people, student families, students from the ATO zone;
  • Providing travel vouchers for health improvement in the WTO “Figurivka”, recreation centers at sea and in Karpaty;
  • Provision of preferential travel in the underground;
  • Encouraging students, postgraduates and doctoral students to succeed in teaching, research and social activities;
  • Free legal advice on protecting the rights and interests of trade union members;
  • Work on improvement of living conditions in dormitories;
  • Insurance and registration of subsidies;
  • Food quality control in canteens and cafeterias.

Composition of the bureau:

  • Head: Anna Zozulya, student of 4th course, group МФ-42
    (Tel: 0984413023, 0951196507)

  • Deputy Chairman: Sklyarova Svetlana, 4th year student, MP-42

  • Proforge 1 course: Shebanov Yevgeny, 2nd year student, MP-21 group

  • Honoring the duties of the 3rd year proforga: Zaytseva Nadiya, 3rd year student, MP-31

  • Proforge 4 course: Anna Krymova, 4 year student, M-141 group

  • Profor 5th year: Pushenko Vladislav, 5th year student, group М -51

  • Proforge 6th year: Taran Valery, 6th year student, M-161 group