Student Council

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics there is the Student Council of the Faculty, which guided in its work the Regulations on Student Self-Government of Kharkiv National University. VN Karazin The Student Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics conducts its activities in the following areas:

1. Protection of students’ rights

In the event of conflicts, controversial issues in relations between a student and a teacher, the Student Dean of the faculty helps in solving these issues, involving the administration of the faculty and, if necessary, addressing the leadership of the university’s student council.

2. Student monitoring of the quality of education

According to the decision of the scientific and methodical council of the University “On the participation of students in improving the content of teaching, teaching methods, forms and methods of knowledge control” of 14.03.2012, students at the level of the administration of the faculties and the university also take part in monitoring the quality of the educational process. A week prior to the beginning of the first credits the student’s dean’s office of the faculty creates a focus group consisting of senior members of academic groups, activists of student self-government and all interested students (4 focus groups, 1-4 courses). With regard to each student during the semester of the training course, students must conduct a collective discussion and formulate their recommendations for improving teaching, which will be transferred to the administration of the faculty.

3. Information direction

The Student Council informs students about the decision of the faculty and / or university faculty council regarding student and educational process. In addition, students are promptly briefed on all activities taking place at the University, which are held with the support of the Student Council of the University.

4. Cultural-mass direction

The Student Council of the Faculty promotes the cultural development of students by involving them in cultural-mass activities. With the support and direct participation of the Student’s Asset at the Faculty, events and recreational events are held. One of the most significant events is “Faculty Days” (“Days of the Month”), which take place annually. Also, the Student Council of the faculty is agitating students for participation in the university’s cultural and mass activities.

5. Charitable activity

Several times a year the Commission on Charity and Volunteering of the Student Council of the University organizes the collection of toys and useful things for orphanages in the city of Kharkiv. Together with the charitable organizations of the city there are promotions on donation, honoring veterans of the Great Patriotic War, former university teachers and the elderly. The Student Council of the faculty advocates students not to be indifferent and to participate in such events and actively informs about their conduct.

6. Improvement of curricula and programs

A decision on the proposal to improve the curriculum and the curriculum, which will be sent to the faculty administration for further discussion on the Academic Council of the faculty, can be made at the session of the student council.

7. Cooperation with other organizations of student self-government.

The student council of the faculty actively cooperates with the trade union organization of students of the faculty, as well as with the university’s scientific community.

The student’s dean is the head of the Student Council of the faculty. Also, the deputy student dean and the secretary of the student dean’s office are elected from the board. Contact with all students of the faculty is carried out by means of a personal appeal and / or meetings of the Student Council, where the representative of each academic group of the faculty (the headmaster who is necessarily a member of the council) can express the problems of students (or a separate student).

The current student dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics is Laba Vladislav, a third-year student, the direction of “Informatics”.
Deputy student dean is Moiseenko Natalia , a student of the fourth year, the direction of “Applied Mathematics”.
The secretary of the student dean’s office is Koval Elizaveta , a second-year student, the direction “Mathematics”.

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