How to get ready

Admission to an institution is an important step that can determine the whole life of a former student. Carefully prepare for the entry, so that after the introductory tests, it is proud to receive a student card.



Do not forget about the school. Many senior students, focusing on entering the university, begin to dismiss the attitude to school lessons and homework.And in vain, because it is a beautiful secondary education that becomes the basis for further study. The higher your results at school, the more likely you are to enter the university.


Find information on introductory tests that are conducted when typing on the specialty you are interested in. Some universities, except for the results of external testing, conduct additional exams. Focus on exploring these particular subjects.


Prepare for final exams. If before the assessment for the exam, put in school, did not matter, but now it became decisive. NNO, which seems at the end of the 11th form, is also an entrance exam for higher education. That is why your chances of joining one or another place depend on its results.


Read additional literature on profile items. This will not only help you with a greater probability to enter the chosen educational institution, but will also raise the level of knowledge in general. Try to delve into the subject, study it to the end.


Visit preparatory courses organized by the university you are going to join in the first place. As a rule, they are provided on a contractual basis, and their cost varies by type and prestige of the university. Many of the universities at the end of the course give the applicants a certificate of their graduation, which serves as a privilege for admission.


Hire a private tutor. If you feel that some subject you know is not good enough, contact a personal teacher. First, such training is more effective than in the group. Second, you will be more confident in playing an important part in the exam.


Collect all the necessary documents. These include a certificate of surrender, an attestation of a full general secondary education and photographs for a personal affair.


To join us, you need to take out an EOI from the following items:
1. mathematics
2. Ukrainian language
3. foreign language or physics


We wish you success, we will be glad to see you!