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Kharkiv National VN Karazin University



Mathematics Applied Mathematics

Computer Science and Information Technology

Dean: Doctor of Technical Sciences Sciences, professor

Zholtkevich Grigory Nikolaevich

Address: pl. Svobody, 4, Kharkov, 61022

Tel .: + 038-057-707-55-35, + 038-057-707-54-81,


The training of mathematicians and mechanics at the Kharkov University has been under way since the early 19th century. The glorious traditions of the Kharkov Mathematical School were laid by world-renowned mathematicians and brilliant educators. The modern faculty of mathematics and informatics is a continuation of the traditions of this classical school and, at the same time, the development and spread of the most advanced scientific fields, is elite education and broad prospects of employment.

The faculty consists of 60 teachers, among them academicians and correspondent members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 20 doctors and 30 candidates of physical-mathematical sciences. Sciences About 400 students study at the faculty. In 2016, we received 80 students for the first year of the “budget”.

Student team SobolevTeam in the World Cup finals in 2015:

  • What specialty can you choose?

“Mathematics” – with the qualification “Bachelor / Master in Mathematics + Teacher of Mathematics and Informatics”;

– “Applied Mathematics” – with the qualification “Bachelor / Master of Applied Mathematics”;

– “Computer Science and Information Technology” – with the qualification “Bachelor / Master in Computer Science and Information Technology”

In the University of Sof and I-Antipolis and with (N , CZ, Franz and I) gives the opportunity to receive a double diploma for the best masters of our faculty

What can you learn?

Students of all specialties will receive basic mathematical education during the first two years of study with further in-depth training depending on the chosen specialty, specialization and their own interests.

Mathematicians will know the fundamental divisions of classical and modern mathematics. These sections provide substantiation and effective tools for modern science and technology, including physical, aerospace, computer, financial and economic.

Applied mathematics builds models of physical, technical and financial-economic systems, using modern software for numerical simulation, computer algebra and geometry, system and process control. Students are learning to create extensions and add-ons for engineering computer graphics systems, office and special mathematical packages, they are engaged in the simulation of fluid, gas and plasma flow, which is connected with the tasks of modern technology, materials science, ecology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, aerospace and biomedical applications. . Contemporary software packages for computer simulation of complex processes.

Informatics, that is, future computer science and information technology specialists, learn to develop software and network projects, to protect information. Apply mathematical and computer simulation of processes and systems in the fields of computer science, science and technology. Enhanced system programming and database management systems, mathematical analysis of computer programs, quantum informatics, studying and building information systems.

  • And can you count on material support?

Non-resident students are offered a hostel. Scholarships are awarded to students who successfully complete the session. Graduates receive an elevated scholarship. And our students who have achieved great success in studying are the winners of prestigious nominal scholarships : O. M. Lyapunov scholarships, scholarships of the I. I. Akhieser Foundation, I. I. Tarapov scholarships, Y. Sapronov scholarships, scholarships of Kharkiv city The chair of “Giftedness”, the Presidential Scholarship, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Prize and others. Students from low-income families receive a social scholarship and material assistance, and the student union offers them privileged vouchers for health and treatment.

The graduate of the faculty Nosich Andrew analyzes the data of the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN Scientific Center (Geneva):

  • How can you use “mehhmatovskaya” education?
  • It is possible to continue the scientific activity begun at our faculty, carrying out research at one of the scientific centers – Ukrainian universities or institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • You can choose an honorable way of a teacher or teacher and go to work at a school, technical school, technical university, university … Everywhere, where mathematics or computer science is taught, are waiting for our graduates.
  • The high level of our students’ training allows them to successfully pursue their studies at universities in Europe, USA, Canada and obtain a Ph.D. degree. In recent years, such an opportunity has been used by dozens of graduates of the faculty.
  • Our graduates successfully work as analysts, programmers in numerous organizations, where they develop and maintain software.
  • You can find yourself in an interesting banking world, in financial institutions, where for our graduates, too, there is a job that requires a highly skilled mathematician and programmer.
  • Recent specialties – analysts and statisticians for insurance companies and research centers – this is also an opportunity to showcase our graduates.
  • As our faculty contributes to the full development of the students’ intelligence, many graduates receive a second higher education at the expense of well-known firms that are interested in using the potential of the “mechanics” in economics, business and finance.

We look forward to all those who are interested in math, enjoy programming and wish to receive a diploma that is acknowledged and respected in many countries around the world.

  • And how can you improve your education?

You can attend electives and student scientific seminars, take part in the work of the Student Scientific Society: to speak at the annual student scientific conference, to compete in student olympiads. And our best students are sent for internship or for master’s degree work in Germany, France, Scotland and Poland.

And you can continue your studies in postgraduate study, defend your thesis and get a Ph.D. degree in physics, mathematics or engineering. Specialized academic councils work in the faculty in the fields of “Mathematical analysis”, “Differential equations”, “Mathematical physics”, “Mathematical modeling and computing methods” and “Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma”.

In 2013, the specialty “Biostatistics” with the possibility of certification by the software package of SAS analysts and employment in Roche and Experis companies was opened at the faculty. About thirty graduates of the faculty in the last three years have been working in companies for the analysis of clinical trials.