Kharkiv innovation spot

Are you engaged in the development of VR / AR applications? Are you crazy about complemented reality? Do you dream to live in virtual reality? Do you dream of making the world better with the help of new technologies? Kharkiv Innovation Spot is a new discussion platform designed to discuss innovations in the IT world. You are immersed in the practical aspects of developing applications for the latest devices, testing new virtual reality helmets and invaluable advice from industry leaders. If you’re a programmer, designer, tester or just a curious listener, this is an event for you!

Friendly atmosphere, interesting reports and treats are guaranteed!

The first meeting will take place on June 8, 2017 and will be held under the title “HoloLens Meetup: Holograms, Unity and Challenges of Mixed Reality”. Free admission. Registration is required, as the number of seats is limited!

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